Intimacy and sexual concerns are common and impact overall health and happiness. These issues are typically not addressed in the health care setting and many people never receive the help needed. I provide education, counseling and support to individuals and couples so they may better manage intimacy and sexual concerns. I work collaboratively with clients to develop strategies and interventions that enhance intimacy and improve overall quality of life.                                                 Dr. Maureen Ryan


One Man's Transformative Journey to Sexual Wholeness

by with Dr. Maureen Ryan

I had been given all that I needed. Now it’s up to me to do the work and do the practice, and put all the wonderful concepts and ideas to work for me. I am so glad you offered the class. I did learn so much. It was exactly what I needed at the time I needed it.

The class has helped with my entire life, not just my sexual one. The process of meditating and guiding my thoughts in a different direction have been transformative. The sexual part of my life has improved too.

If I need a tune up, I won’t hesitate to call you for an appointment.


We went to see Dr. Maureen Ryan because our sex life was almost nonexistent. She listened and helped us break down what seemed to be overwhelming challenges. We would not have gotten through without her insights, support and guidance. By taking small steps, we have rediscovered our passion and put sexual pleasure back in our marriage.

Couple from Amherst, NY

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