Are you suffering with sexual problems and don’t know where to go for help?

Are you feeling sexually discouraged in your relationship, disconnected from yourself as a sexual being, or have a sense that something is missing?

Is stress negatively affecting your sex life?

Are health related conditions keeping you from experiencing sexual satisfaction and pleasure?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me help you create the intimate relationship you desire.

Together, we will uncover barriers that prevent you from experiencing greater depths of emotional and physical intimacy.

I can help you gain clarity, skills and develop a plan to move forward and achieve your relationship goals with confidence.

I provide a compassionate, supportive and confidential environment that will allow you to gain insight and open to new ways of connecting with your partner. By making small changes you will generate significant improvements in relationship satisfaction and overall happiness.


“We went to see Dr. Maureen Ryan because our sex life was almost nonexistent. She listened and helped us break down what seemed to be overwhelming challenges. We would not have gotten through without her insights, support and guidance. By taking small steps, we have rediscovered our passion and put sexual pleasure back in our marriage.” Couple from Amherst, NY

“I have been coming to Dr. Maureen Ryan for Coaching for a number of months now. I had major issues going on in my life which had brought me great sorrow. She has counseled me to confront things within myself that have helped free me from my old ways of thinking – I am expanding, growing, happier, more at peace. It has taken a lot of hard work – but her guidance and keen instinct has pointed me in the right direction. I am truly grateful for her expertise, insight, gentleness when needed, and toughness when needed. ~Dan, age 47

Dr. Ryan is the real deal. I cannot recommend enough that if you are facing something you cannot overcome on your own, let her help you – she will, if you are willing to do the work. Let her guide you – the results can be amazing, if you’re willing.” Valerie, age 57

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